somewhere.drugs.don't.go.goes.to.berlin. :D
Berlin = somewhere drugs don't go, hihi.

20. November wieder daaa, oder so.

And the citylights turn black.
berlin (: am 17.11.08 22:02

Pick up the pieces and make me understand,
why we can't move any faster.
Losing all demand, I've broken all my plans
[This year was a disaster.]
Hawthorne Heights. am 12.11.08 21:32

[√] jenny downham - before I die.
[√] john iriving - until I find you.

It's really going to happen.
They said it would, but this is quicker than anyone thought.

When you're 16 and time is running out,
there's an awful lot of living to do...

yüp, myblog kinda sucks.
Razorlight. am 2.11.08 15:29

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